Valentines day 2017

It’d be sad to say horror movies and chocolate milk is the basis of my day. Though I have work and school to attend to there’s nothing better then waking up in the morning to flowers from walmart. I really hated going to walmart last night. What is the sense of having over ten registers when you only open six?

The Anti-Valentines day playlist on Spotify is heaven. After work it shall be a Hellraiser and Chucky night complete with i don’t fucking know whats for dinner.

I’d like donuts, and pizza and starbucks. Not in that order that’d be gross.

Have a splendid day, Zombear.


Good Morning WordPress 2/13/2017

Now 8 days until i turn 17 and I still haven’t been able to pick between a standard graduation or a GED. Since being homeschooled I ┬áhaven’t been able to stay on track, I hate math and that’d be the problem.

I did however go on an astonishing date, which had consisted of a HUGE starbucks drink many rock candy sticks and lots of hand holding.

Till then. Zombear

Hello WordPress. 2/10/2017

Hello WordPress. In florida it is a brisk 71 degrees at 1:18pm. I wanted to say after over 5 years of living in a fifth wheel trailer I shall be moving into a hopeful 3 bedroom apartment.


Yes this beautiful apartment is complete with access to a fitness center a library and still haven’t heard a word about moving in it cost a steamy 400+ to start moving.

My brother will not be coming with us as he needs to finish school at his starting school. However, i am homeschooled and am still looking for a replacement job in clearwater Florida.


I’ll speak with you soon. Much Love Zombear.

Dear Reader 2/8/17

At this moment I am hosted by gracious and beautiful skies of the USF campus in tampa florida. My mother a 9 year cancer survivor sitting next to me, then quickly being called back for a life saving clinical trial.

My life isn’t perfect. However, writing about it makes some sense as to the matter of being lonely. I do have a wonderful boyfriend and a rambunctious brother one of which works at Amelia Arena where my favorite hockey team plays.

In two short week I shall be 17 and my life shall become harder. It’ll be harder to graduate, It’ll be harder to work as well as have a social life.